In Intelectiva we’ve selected the best Love quotes in English to share them. Dow… Romantic Love Pictures Quotes

In Intelectiva we’ve selected the best Love quotes in English to share them. Download the app for free and send quotes to those you love the most telling how much you care about them.<p>In Love Quotes you’ll discover the most beautiful love quotes, flattering comments, funny quotes to tell your partner that you love him/her, to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend a compliment, to make that boy or girl that you like so much fall in love with you, making her/him laugh, or simple phrases to express how you feel and also have a laugh.<p>The most special and romantic quotes of the world, quoted by famous writers in this app. If you want to surprise your partner, send one of these love quotes. You’ll also find the most original and romantic quotes of love and heartbreak, to win over, make flattering comments and seduce.<p>We’ve selected the best love quotes in English for Valentine’s Day. The most romantic messages to send that special someone on Febraury the 14th. Download this app for free and surprise your loved one! Happy Valentine’s Day! <p>All pictures are drawn especially for this application and hold all rights reserved. For the background pictures we have used Internet images of public domain because they are not identified with symbols or any other information which indicates the existence of reserved exploitation rights. <p>The natural or legal person who owns any of the pictures can confirm it through e-mail (<a href=””></a>), we commit to remove instantly said picture after having verified the property of the copyrighted picture.

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